Washington Irving – We Are All Going to Die

The midweek lurks so here’s the Wednesday lift, reminding you the weekend is not too far away now. Keep plugging away, young soldier. Here we have Washington Irving’s latest and greatest, the quick, Punch and Judy-esque ‘We Are All Going to Die’.

In that marching band fashion, this jives and bounces along like a kid on a space hopper, constantly testing the patience of his parents as they watch on – hoping and praying he won’t tilt too far back and crack his skull. WAAGTD is free flowing from the off, the tempo never daring to change, vocals are muffled over the top but screamed and shouted in a debauched fashion, not muffled for the lo-fi feel but more for the: “the-god-damn-mic-is-butchered-and-won’t-pick-me-up-right” kind of feel. The Aberdeen-based band have taken all from the alt-rock/folk genre, in a similar way to The Dubliners, this is a real beer swigging, Saturday night feel, it’s got groove and it is certainly a number to have a shake to. The overarching feel to the song is so hilariously juxtaposing to the song title, however I guess this is the humour in it. When the raucous pub choir-esque singalong comes in at around 2:30, you can’t help but grin to yourself.

Two days left, the weekend is almost here.

Washington Irving support Titus Andronicus at BLEACH on November 7th, courtesy of Love Thy Neighbour.


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