Brighton’s Burger Joints: The Top 5

Brighton, a place abounding with pebbles, music, the weird and wacky and ultimately, burgers. The hype of burgers has always been around, however I think it’s fair to argue – in the past three years, this fascination has swamped and now, burgers are abundant in every shape, size and flavour. It’s not just Brighton that has been hit by the bun bonanza, many cities around the country have been rammed with the likes of Almost Famous (Manchester/Liverpool/Leeds etc), SoLita (Manchester/Liverpool) and MeatLiquor (London/Brighton/Leeds etc). Nobody can place why this has come about, nobody knows why, but hey, nobody’s complaining either.

Here, we are trying to take into account some of the important features of them juicy meat rolls looking at the local, independent establishments in Brighton. What do we want? Well, what do you want? We are going to guess: the filling, what comes extra, the grease-factor, the bun factor, the price, the taste and ultimately, how bloody full you feel after. Take a look between the bread and check out this list.

  1. Burger Brothers.

    Perhaps infamous for being Brighton’s number one burger provider. Tucked away nicely off North Street, this joint is ran by two best buddies who have a real passion and fire for the gourmet burger delicacy. Burgers come in a few shapes and sizes, some have a real kick to the spice if that is what you are into. In terms of the mess, many burgers on the market hold themselves together like a 45 year old chap in the pub after Saturday football – these are the opposite. A firm bun is the maker of this mark, it is generally pretty crumble free and ultimately, there’s no need to rid the country of serviettes.

    The best between the buns: ‘The Chicken Bazinga’ – marinated chicken with a chunky beetroot salad and a whole load of guac. £6.50


  2. Brighton Burger.

    Your nearest and dearest burger joint when mooching around The Lanes, coming at a super fast speed and super cool price. Your burger is best enjoyed whilst taking a pew in the local square, get here when the weather is warm and you are in for a treat. Brighton Burger pride themselves on their flamboyancy and creativity within the meat market, getting experimental with the likes of Llama, Buffalo and Crocodile. The baps get a creative touch too with everything from tiger bread, through to crispy buns, this is why Brighton Burger are in this list. They are the Radiohead of burgers.

    The best between the buns: ‘Frankenstein’s Burger’ – wild boar burger with a giant helping of Monterrey Jack, Frank’s Hot Sauce and smoked paprika mayo. £7


  3. Iceberger.

    With a light-hearted, fun menu, it was hard not to include the endearing Iceberger in this list. Burgers use comical names, from ‘Mr Miyagi’ (soy sauce and sesame seed mushrooms with wasabi-mayo) and the ‘PBJ’ (peanut butter, jam and bacon) – the fun has truly been put back into burgers. Iceberger is hidden away off Regent Street in the North Lanes, it’s philosophy surrounding affordable burgers means that your purse strings don’t become too frayed. Whats more, if you get a burger you dig, you can locate the recipe online.

    The best between the buns: ’The Laker’ – beef patty, Shropshire blue cheese, caramelised onion, grilled pear, lettuce and mustard-mayo. £5.50


  4. Grubbs.

    Grubbs, the nearest and dearest to all in Brighton, from the students, to the elderly, to cats, dogs, pandas and to everyone in between. Grubbs prides itself on it’s vast menu, offering around 20 different varieties, each one a carefully crafted combination of ingredients. If you want fruit in it, you can certainly have that. On top of the burgers, Grubbs offers some damn great milkshakes and packs of wedges, literally the size of your head.

    The best between the buns: ‘The Malaysian’ – lettuce, chilli and peanut butter. This lout took my heart from the first day in Brighton and I have never looked back since. £2.95 – £5.35 (dependant on number of patties)


  5. The Troll’s Pantry.

    An initiative started a few years back by a group of mercenaries with a trailer who demanded a good burger, good and proper street food. Since then, demand has outweighed their trailer and they have moved permanently into the Hobgoblin pub on London Road. Perfectly crafted fluffy buns, artisan cheeses and 35 day aged beef from Longhorn cows. The legendary beef is a saviour for your tongues and for the meat world in general, so much so that the tales have spread far and wide across the country.

    The best between the buns: ’The Imperial Shadow’ – Steak patty poses upon fried black kale with St. Giles cheese, homemade pickles and honey and beer mustard. £10


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