MUNEZ – Lost Tapes


Speaking as one living person to another, I’m sure we can agree that a lot happens in life. I might be a little too young to be tired of things happening, but to be honest, I lose track sometimes. That’s why I can’t quite remember when exactly we made these recordings, but that’s alright because at least I appreciate their importance.

Most demos have a sort of fleeting value. We record them, work on them for a while and then inadvertently start to despise them, as over time those couple of minutes of audio represent all the insecurities we have about our craft. Bands put them out however they see fit – after all, they own the songs – and then whatever happens, happens. Maybe one day they’ll come back to us. Like Munez did.

A couple of days ago, when we finished the masters, Munez decided on some changes within the band, which make these songs special. Attentive fans already know that James, the lead guitarist of the band, is leaving Munez. The records were suspended in a sort of limbo, because who did we actually record? In a way, it’s not the same band, but in kind of the same way, it’s still them. These are songs performed by a band that isn’t and also is and that’s a confusing superposition. That’s what makes them timeless, in a way, not their quality, which I’m too invested in to properly judge. We’re like the Lomaxes of Brighton just not as tyrannical and also nowhere near as significant.

So, here they are, two songs that I care about more than is professionally acceptable. If you’re having trouble figuring this out, here’s a tip: Don’t think about Munez. There’s Timmy on the drums, Nick on bass, Ted’s guitar on the left and James’ on the right. Everybody’s singing.

In case you’ve forgotten, Munez are playing our gig on Friday, as a three-piece this time, so don’t you miss out on that. What? Are you confused yet? Did you get it? Just come see them, everything will be alright for everybody, I promise.

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