Why Should I Be Excited About… MUTATIONS FESTIVAL at Various Venues, 28-29/11/2015

MUTATIONS is a brand spanking mother ducker of a festival that is set to take you by the jaws later this month. From the co-curators of last year’s DRILL:Brighton, One Inch Badge have decided to bring you Brighton’s deepest and darkest multi-venue festival once more. From noise-rock to doom, post-punk and blues; this is a festival that has the potential to cater for many music fans across the spectrum. It’s intimate and tightly packed with only 1000 tickets onsale, just the way everybody really wants it, right? Sit back and take note ready for later this month, here’s our definitive 8 who are going to shape this festival.

  1. METZ

    Thundering and violent in every sense, this assault hails from Toronto and they have you in their firm death grips. Dropping into a similar vein to Ty Segall, Cloud Nothings and Thee Oh Sees, the music is lightning fast and gets your chest pummelling along – something gets you down in your gut. After recently releasing their aptly titled sophomore effort: ‘II’, they have hit more critical acclaim with the likes of Pitchfork stating it as ‘another snarling beast of a record, 10 more all-lunging, all-screaming anti-anthems crammed into another chaotic, cloistered half-hour.’ It’s for this reason they hit the heights of our top bunch to catch, it’s November, it’s cold, it’s brisk, what is going to warm you up better than a dosing of this primal yelp?A place to start: ‘Spit You Out’, ‘Nervous System’, ‘Wet Blanket’

  2. The Bohicas

    Punk and scuzz laden guitars jib and jibe off of each other. Songs run at pulsating tempos with vocals ricocheting between tightly packed and poignant rhythm sections. Falling somewhere between early Kings of Leon with the ferocity of the songs and sharp beats, this combined with pouncing choruses that linger in a similar bracket to Franz Ferdinand. It is starkly real indie music for the weekend, something to really get you excited for something. This bunch released their debut album ‘The Making Of’ back in August and have songs that could take to some of the biggest stages in the world.A place to start: ’XXX’, ‘I Do It For Your Love’, ‘Swarm’

  3. Plastic Mermaids

    We caught this psych/pop troop back in August at Forgotten Fields and they have attached themselves to that loving part of my brain, the bit that stops them from passing through one ear and out the other. With the flamboyancy, sincerity and flair of Arcade Fire and the sexy, funk groove of the latest Unknown Mortal Orchestra stuff, we are so excited to catch them again. A band that can really draw emotion, even from the most cemented of hearts.A place to start: ‘Fire Hands’, ‘Six Hours of Darkness’, ‘Polaroids’

  4. Written In Waters

    A true mix of sounds, influences and genres, nothing can quite staple this band to a particular idea – it is epic in every sense. At times reaching the hypnotic heights of Kate Bush, stretching to the subtle quirks of Fever Ray whilst taking into account everything from the intellectuality of jazz and prog and the simple cleverness of indie. Written In Waters hail from the southern shores of Brighton and this is a local group that possess excessive amounts of talent and intrigue. Daring and intrepid, the audacity of this band is nion cataclysmic, miss these at your peril.A place to start’Hymn’, ‘Drunk Rather Deep’, ’The Fall’

  5. Foreign Skin

    An ambient audio/visual project rooted here in Brighton. Fusing with ambience are undercurrents of hip-hop and electronic samples, captivating in every way hence the purpose of them cutting this list. A distinctive sound that guarantees a fantastic visual backdrop to project the ideas and talent behind the music.A place to start: ’Thai Song’, ‘Enemy’

  6. Le Galaxie

    Picture the Drive soundtrack, this bunch should have featured on it. Drawing from the better of the 80s electronic music, merged with the fun of Air and Todd Terje, the fun disco vibe is fantastic, feel good music. The Dublin group have released their debut album in 2011 with their ‘Fade Forever EP’ being released the following year, since then they have released critically acclaimed singles in the form of ‘Le Club’ and ‘Love System’.A place to start: ’Le Club’, ‘Love System’, ‘Midnight Midnight’


    Glittering, electronic pop at it’s shimmering best. Drawing from 80s indie music which is brought up to speed via the likes of Miike Snow and Friendly Fires, this pair have a knack for getting your feet shaking. Funk driven bass lines hark back to Foals’ ‘Total Life Forever’, reference points are there but they are completely for the benefit of the music that ALL TVVINS make and it’s so bloody fun. The Irish two piece are yet to release a full length LP, the singles are well worth bending your ear around though.A place to start: ’Darkest Ocean’, ‘Too Young To Try’, ‘Thank You’

  8. Chelsea Wolfe

    Experimental, dark and twisted music. Something with a real biting anguish to it, falling into the category of Esben and the Witch and These New Puritans. Sounds echo and reverberate, listen to the lead track of the latest LP – ‘Carrion Flowers’ and you can get a notion of the show you are poised to witness. Acting as theatrical, tense and punished music, LA’s Chelsea Wolfe has produced something disparate and haunting. Whether sounds are pummelled through an electronic form or the ghoul is clasped between the pluck of an acoustic string, both begs for your ear. When venturing into listening, the catalogue is daunting, there’s a lot there but every soundbite is worth your time.A place to start: ’Carrion Flowers’, ‘They’ll Clap When You’re Gone’, ‘Mer’

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