Give it Back Presents # 2 – Live Videos

Those of you who came to our show last Friday might have noticed that we had a little camera tucked away in a corner in the back. We took a couple of videos, because we realized that some people probably really wanted to come but were too busy and ended up crying themselves to sleep while eating ‘fun-size’ bags of M&M’s. Well, cry no more! Watch this.

Mum, Dad and the Kids

If you’re watching this, you probably noticed that it’s not your typical gig video. There’s more people on stage than you can see, actually you’re mostly looking at the crowd – but the crowd’s great, that’s what bands always say. If you want landscape views of a festival stage with sound recorded on a separate hundreds-of-thousands-of-pounds-rig by someone who’s been working for Ozzy Osbourne for the past 20 years, go watch something else. Go watch that, actually, because that exists.

Mum, Dad and the Kids, as you can see, really committed to the loose Halloween theme of the night. This band has a great sense of humour, which translates really well on stage and into the music. OK, I’ll say it. I like it, because it’s smart. The music is fun to dance to as well, so if you’re not sure how to move your bodies, take visual cues from the crowd.

Porridge Radio and the Cosmic Sadness

See the scary bride bouncing up and down? I think she said she’s dressed as marriage because commitment is scary. That’s amazing. I’d like everybody out there, who had a slutty nurse costume or whatever, to take notice. What I like about this video is that it shows one of my favourite aspects of a live Porridge Radio experience: the sudden crescendos and dramatic changes. Musically, stuff happens – unlike a lot of bands that just have one thing happen and that thing kind of keeps happening for a couple of minutes and then they say “Thank you”. Oh, and they all had really nice costumes, so Thank you!


“Don’t look awkward, ‘coz it will be on the internet.” Damn right, now it is. And if you’re worried you might have looked awkward, you’ll notice. Because the floor was packed! You can hardly even see the band, so pay attention to the stage and maybe catch a glimpse. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday, about not knowing what to do with my body and all my limbs when I’m supposed to be dancing and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be happy to know that at a MUNEZ gig it’s perfectly fine to just sort of bounce like a depressed spring. Or you could really go for it, like some of the people in the crowd did and that made me happy.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the videos, whether you made it to the gig or not. To all those who helped us with the gig, Brighton Electric, their wonderful staff, to the people who came and supported us and the bands, to the bands themselves, we’d like to say THANK YOU! See you next time.

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