Why Should I Be Excited About… The Myrrors & New Candys at Hope and Ruin, 15/11/2015


You might be going to the Fuzz Club Festival in London tomorrow, in which case you’ll be able to see New Candys on Friday and The Myrrors on Saturday, but maybe you’re not, maybe you didn’t know about it and now you’re thinking, ‘Hey, I kinda like this, can I go?‘ Well, no, you cannot. The Fuzz Club Festival is completely sold out. Luckily for us, though, Acid Box Promotions and Fuzz Club are buddies, which means they’re bringing some of that heady music down to us in Brighton, at the Hope & Ruin, just around the corner from wherever you are.


The Myrrors

There aren’t that many contemporary psychedelic bands that don’t just blatantly rip off the early Brian Jonestown Massacre’s post-modern take on the development of Western rock music and the rest of them seem to be raiding someone’s Nuggets Compilation, but The Myrrors succeed at avoiding that cliché. Instead, they remind us of a musically different, yet equally 60’s tradition of spaced-out communal jams with a medley of electronic and raga instruments that make you feel like sitting on a pillow and tuning out the aggressive beeping of a motorcycle parked right under your window.


new candys

New Candys

If you’re worried that The Myrrors are a little too mellow for your taste, then you need to listen to some New Candys. Maybe I just haven’t been paying enough attention, but there seems to be quite a lot of new Italian bands that share Brighton’s taste in music. This is definitely more rock’n’roll and it’s easy to see how this band could be responsible for some of the most exciting moments of the evening. Have a listen, let your speakers explode around your ears!


melt dunes

Melt Dunes

Melt Dunes remind me of The Black Angels with their unrelenting hypnotizing rhythms, or maybe the Dead Rabbits because of the slightly darker music accompanied by vocals that gradually turn into chants. Whichever name makes you want to listen to this young Southampton band, that’s the one I meant, because you really shouldn’t miss out.




TWIN, the honorary local band of the night, might just be the biggest surprise of the gig! If you’re one of those people that never turn up for the opening act, stop being one of those people and be the other kind, right now. While the subject matter of their songs seems to tie in well with the rest of the line-up, and they’re definitely aware of the musical tradition that the others are a part of, with TWINS there’s a very entertaining post-punk urgency that I just can’t wait to see live!


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