Whyte Horses – La Couleur Originelle

Mancunian musician, Mark Fry ventured on a seismic, tumultuous journey through mountains of Italy armed with very little for the experience. All he took with him on his travels was some dilapidated, battered analogue recording equipment, a cheap guitar and a female buddy who threw in some vocals, oh – and an Os Mutantes poster. Now what was to come of this? Well, Whyte Horses is the answer. The Krautrock inspired, hazy psychedelia of ‘La Couleur Originalle’ is glittered with charming bells, smart tempo shifts and a persistent optimistic shine that packs all the sun of the panoramic Frosinone mountains into one three minute adventure. It is a single that plays on obscure views, colourful imagery and the complete madness that near isolation would bring you. Whyte Horses are certainly a group worth getting into, especially if you are yet to hear them.

Whyte Horses play The Prince Albert on the 17th of November.

Words by Tom Churchill


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