Why Should I Be Excited About… Built To Spill at Concorde 2, 26/11/15

Built To Spill are a critically acclaimed group who fall from Idaho, they have been active since the year 1992 – a sharp 23 years then. The sound brackets within the cool American 90s alternative rock waves, spawned by the likes of Pavement, Guided By Voices and Sebadoh. Built To Spill have a natural way of producing evocative music – guitars jingle-jangle beneath the angelic voice of Doug Martsch, just listen to the bigger numbers, the likes of ‘Liar’ and ‘Goin’ Against Your Mind’ to get a sense of this. The group have recently released their 6th album ‘Untethered Moon’, 6 years after their previous release in 2009.  This comeback album and subsequent tour has long been in the process, keeping fans at bay, frothing at the teeth in tight anticipation. The last few years for Built To Spill have been fraught – scrapped albums and Martsch’s own understanding that perhaps ‘his time has ran it’s course’ have but the future in jeopardy.

The new album arrives however and brings with it a new emotion, a new feeling. Each Built To Spill album is renowned for having it’s implicated themes, whether that is loneliness, miscommunication or otherwise. The resting certainty of a theme will fall into place with any Built To Spill fan who feels they want to get knowing Martsch a little better in 2015.

In support on the night, we get the chance to witness the recent boom of Zurich’s Disco Doom – for fans of Radiohead’s earlier LPs, both Pablo Honey and The Bends can be distinguished within their sound. Grab the aforementioned and give it a dip in some of the 90s’ more far out, psychedelic sounds such as Spacemen 3 – it is a painting of a wide, experimental musical soundscape. First on are Brighton’s local chaps, Safe To Swim. Safe To Swim provide the perfect washed out, pop take on 90s American music, a certain for big hooks and sweltering choruses. Worth getting down early to catch.

Tickets available from Resident for £21.45


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