TRAAMS – Live – Patterns, 19/11/2015

TRAAMS hail from further down the coast towards Chichester and took to the stage down here in Brighton’s Patterns last night. The band are currently touring in support of their recent album ‘Modern Dancing’ which was released on Monday. Support on the night came from Animal Language and Slowcoaches.

First on were Brighton’s very own Animal Language. Arriving on stage around 8pm and putting a touch of their indie-pop sensibility into proceedings, they warmed up a crowd in dire need of heat due to the gale blowing outside. Their three-piece charm and charismatic strut has recently taken to new heights due to the success of their single ‘Suckerpunch’ which is premiering now through The Line of Best Fit.

Next up on the night were Slowcoaches. The punk/metal three piece play in a slack, loose format that makes for an interesting combination, reminiscent of a feeling similar to getting wellied in the stomach over and over, relentless and unapologetically riddled with angst.

Finally TRAAMS arrived to a swelling crowd around 9:30, their tense and fraught set was a marvel to catch. Their later stuff really swims around in the wake of the likes of White Denim and Hookworms, a stuttered, delayed vocal cuts through hypnotic guitar parts. See ‘Modern Dancing’, a song that rests upon the unbound drumming, hanging low beneath the guitar and vocals. The majority of the newer stuff received a contemplative, nodding head style reception, songs such as ‘Costner’ and ’Silver Lining’ held a  mesmerism that captivated the audiences attention, hooking them in to the cool, ushered vocals that drip and lull. The helpings from the latest release acted as the warm up for what was to come, a real calm before the storm moment. When the likes of ‘Flowers’ and ’Succulent Thunder Anthem’ juttered through the speakers, feedback and swirls of vocals sent a praying, tense audience into riddled dancing. It was a crowd that were waiting to be sprung loose and when the climax was released, it could’ve brought down the Colosseum of Rome.

There is a crying need for bands such as TRAAMS in this current day, a band that really seek progressiveness and intrigue within their music. At simultaneous times taking from the likes of post-punk’s Wire whilst bringing this hand in hand with the electronic capacity of Public Service Broadcasting and LCD Soundsystem. Vocals cut through in a  yelp and call, there’s desperation and tension wrapped up within some haunted corner of your mind. There is the sense that it is relevant and important to the people in the room, it matters and it is evident it does too all three members of the band. If you are in need of getting your ears round some new music, something that really kicks something in your chest with some vigour and rasp, get onto Modern Dancing. Certainly an album and live band of the year.

Words by Tom Churchill

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