False Heads – Steal And Cheat

Outer East London’s own False Heads released their new single ‘Steal and Cheat’ on November 9th through 25 Hour Records. This is their third official release and it is; if one may say, well proper.

Even before the first second of the track can come in, you are instantly hit with a wonderful urgency as the Buzzcocks-esqe guitar and hard, classic, rock n’roll drums fly in unison to create and build a restless, adolescent feel. The spat, taunting vocals and solid bass are hot on the tail of the intro and from there, the three drive effortlessly through sounds reminiscent of Supergrass, The Hotrats and early Libertines.

As the trio then run rampant without a sign of slowing, verses of moral questioning and figurative speech are shot at you. Language like, “…do you pander or try to please?” and, “Yeah I know your working class, straight through the looking glass”, are just two lines out of many others that provoke, prod and make you ponder upon the integrity of your fellow man.

Whether you are wanting to put a song on at a house party for you and your friends to dance like fools to, or whether you’re in your room and want to get into a song with some lyrical sincerity, ‘Steal and Cheat’ can cover both.

The False heads will be playing at the Cult Cafe in Ipswich on the 27th of November. ‘Steal and Cheat’ is available for download on Bandcamp.


Words by Milo Dunn-Clarke



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