Why Should I Be Excited About… The Wytches at The Haunt, 5/12/2015

The Wytches grew as a band within this very city. A band that arrived in Brighton via the depths and dirge of Peterborough. When Kristian Bell and Gianni Honey moved down, they formed a band that grew on the surf/garage-punk waves of the Brighton music scene, as they grew, the band inevitably began to pioneer a scene that grew around them. Their music attracted the worthy ears of the nation’s music press and before you knew it, they were playing up and down the country as well as frequenting Europe’s captive ears and cities. These ears then transcended across the pond to North America where Partisan Records gave their debut LP a try and decided that it was too good for Europe to keep to itself.

Their debut album ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ was produced by The Coral’s Bill Ryder-Jones and released back in August 2014 via the psych-nucleus of Heavenly Records; a label that also signed Temples and have since taken on King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Upon the release, it was accepted by mass critical acclaim noting influences and similarities to The White Stripes, Black Sabbath and The Birthday Party. A mass of hair amongst ghoulish lyricism and menacing, murky riffs earned The Wytches a spot of being one of 2014’s most promising bands. Now in 2015 and moving forward, the group are set to bring their storm to Brighton once more for the first time this year.

Having previously caught the group at BLEACH for the album release party in August 2014, what was noted was the intensity of the night and crowd. It was a crowd really frothing at the mouth, baying like savage wolves, tense on catching any glimmer of the spectacle that the band could offer and in credit, The Wytches really played up to the storm. In a pathetic-fallacy-esque manner, the night was stormy and taught with danger, the eruption grew and grew inside seeing the band blister through the likes of ‘Burn Out the Bruise’, ‘Gravedweller’ and ‘Digsaw’. It is this gothic manner and tension that allows them to be so captivating. Their set at The Haunt is surely going to go down as one of the greatest, intimate gigs of the year that we will see here in Brighton. Expectations are high and I’m sure that The Wytches know how to swing all this anticipation in their favour.

Morning Smoke are first on to kick off the proceedings. Plumes and swells grow beneath hiss and buzz, vocals barb and prong through soundscapes to give you something to grasp to.

Next up are Black Honey, a band that have a solid knack of writing monumental choruses – just take in the indie-pop sensibility of ‘Corrine’. Their raw optimism and satirical lyrics play upon surfing guitar lines, smothered in phased sounds and reverb. Menacing guitar lines incorporating shrieks and plagued yells allows their music to take a turn for the haunted house every now and then. Black Honey develop music with a terrifying edge allowing you to maintain poignant intrigue.

Words by Tom Churchill

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