Blind Motive – Coming Down

‘Coming Down’ is the new single released by Brighton’s new desert-rockers, Blind Motive. A band that describe their sound as ‘bruiser rock’, a genre that beats us and completely goes over our heads. Nevertheless, we are informed it is a fresh mix of punching rhythms and aggression. Yes, we appreciate this could sound like the climax to a rocky wobble down West Street in Sunday’s earliest hours, however the ferocity and angst wrapped in Coming Down can certainly act as testament to this.

The Bohicas have recently been a big hit in the UK helping to kick start a return of quick, garage-rock fuelled indie music. What Blind Motive share with them is a penchant for riveting tempos and a bass that bumbles along in a frantic attempt to keep up. A raucous and mammoth riff in a similar vein to Blood Red Shoes boils deep, this is tied in with the pace of Demob Happy’s free loving garage-rock’n’roll which ultimately, dominates the song. Dynamics work fantastically well, rocking you like a toddler in a high chair. It appears that Blind Motive have the awareness to treat rock as a soluble product and possess the capability to lead this into becoming quite the volatile element. The production is great, almost too great however, the grit and dirt that you long for in this type of music is all but wiped out leaving a polished product. Now, this is questionable as to whether it is desired and often, it is a personal preference based upon the song in isolation. In this instance however, I feel it detracts from the song, it removes the endearing charm that I find this music should warrant; what this music longs for is it to be the unpolished stone. It does not require the fine tuning of pop music purely because the beauty is often found between the riffs where the feedback gurgles and the lo-fidelity concocts deviance. Regardless of the fine-tuning in production, what Blind Motive prove is that Coming Down still maintains the ability to kick like a mule even when dressed as a queen.


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