Why Should I Be Excited About… Animal House at The Hope and Ruin, 9/12/2015

Oh bollocks; Animal House are being sent back to Oz. Down Under is now sensationally lucky, they have infact received a +1 to their music scene and boy, they have stolen the party from Brighton. We first caught Animal House back in April at their ‘Figure It Out’ single launch, what we essentially figured was how to race two bottles of tequila around a room packed with sweaty, sodden bodies. If that was anything but a brief taster of what tomorrow can guarantee, we are lapping up drops of saliva in anticipation.

Their ‘Eviction Party’ is set to see the band take off from Brighton in splendid fashion. With the recent release of the raucous ‘English Girls’, it’s every bit of mid-00s indie rock that we adored, pummelling tempos, hooking lyrics and a buoyant mood. It’s perfectly crafted indie music, veins of Vampire Weekend are embedded within the aforementioned English Girls; fast spitting lyrics ricochet through drawled accents, perching happily upon the groove. This notion stretches to ‘Figure It Out’ with it’s Kings of Leon-esque grit, something not too far flung from Brighton’s Demob Happy. ‘Sour’ picks apart roots of The Vaccines and Palma Violets with it’s melancholy lyrics hummed through an optimistic melody.

Tomorrow is set to be a fond farewell.



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