Animal Language – Live – Bleach, 26/11/2015

Mid-way through a stressful November week, I was told to take a look at the bands on at BLEACH. Being an advocate for the venue, as it houses great staff and raw DIY atmosphere, I was more than happy, if anything relieved, to go and see some live music.

Now the music was nice; all three acts put on sets that really made the crowd move. But, sandwiched between the first and final act were the energetic, charismatic and fully automatic; ANIMAL LANGUAGE. It seemed to me that the band were a bit put off by the numbers at the show, this sentiment quickly faded though as the treble-heavy three piece went on to deliver about forty minutes of music that was full of humour, attitude and, above all, talented time-keeping.

The first noticeable thing about the group is the non-physical, yet utterly tangible, connection between the lead guitarist/vocalist and the bassist. Hitting all the right notes in their harmonies during their songs and hitting all the right laughs in between their songs; it’s clear that these guys get on well. For me, this supplemented the often bass-driven parts of their songs that enabled the guitarist to put his bridge pickup to work and really let out some howling guitar leads that, whilst bright, could and would take the songs to dark places only to push you right back into the luminescence.

Personally, I thought the rhythm section was on point, not missing a single beat. The tension that held between the drummer’s breakbeat fills and the bassist’s rolling rhythms could really drum up excitement in the audience. In a way, that’s my only qualm with the band’s performance, it didn’t last long enough. After having a chat with the singer, I found out that the current drummer has only been with the band for upwards of 2 months and frankly, it makes me a little bit jealous that they can be so tight as a band after such a short amount of time.

Throughout the set, the guys mentioned that they were playing a show the day after at The Green Door Store, and also that they had some entirely new recordings that will be out soon on SoundCloud, showing that the band are really putting the work in. Whatever the weather, ANIMAL LANGUAGE are largely entertaining and contemporary, a particular highlight of the show for me was their wonderfully ethereal ‘Peppermint Daylight’.

Words by Harvey Dent

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