Demob Happy – Live – The Haunt, 11/12/2015

There I was, in amongst a packed crowd at The Haunt. Around me was a sea of carefully styled hairstyles and vintage clothes, you could almost guess from the waft of reworn, 90s styled jumpers and flannel shirts that Demob Happy would be playing next.

They finally took to the stage at 9pm and what followed was an experience and a half. One of the first songs: ‘Suffer You,’ took the crowd to the next level, and rightly so. It’s a beautiful mess of smashing drums and whining guitar, with the ever present slurred vocals simmering on top. Throughout the set it was clear that an integral part of the Demob troupe’s signature sound, and a reason why they have risen from the ocean of Brighton’s want to be-could be scene to where they are now, is due to their collection of incredibly infectious guitar riffs and fuzzy bass-lines. Demob’s sound is a dark, twisted adventure through the hidden forest in ‘Strange Things,’ which builds up to a thundering chorus. “Fuck all the spells you’ve got running through my head” singer, Matt Marcantonio screams as strobe lighting infects the room.

Personally, I am a big fan of their recently released album ‘Dream Soda’ however there were a few songs that I didn’t think transferred to the live arena too well. Songs like ‘Man You’re Wrong’ and ‘Summer Cash In’ are well crafted, catchy songs in their own right, but when played amongst the apocalyptic sounding ‘Succubus,’ which made the floor shake and every member of the crowd’s heart pound, it just feels like the excitement dropped slightly. I guess when you’re given the drug of ‘Junk DNA’ which in it’s colossal nature, with it’s monumental guitar riff and giant breakdown, you just want more and more of that. When ‘Wash It Down’ rang out across the Haunt, a considerable mosh-pit was formed. Crowd-surfers flew after every slurring lyric and arms flailed to the anthemic nature of the gritty guitar chords. Just when you thought the boys couldn’t step it up anymore without The Haunt being brought to it’s quivering foundations, ‘Young & Numb’ arrived. An amazingly crafted grunge song. It’s a must to go see these guys play and prepare to have your minds blown.

Words by Douglas Grant

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