Why Should I Be Excited About… Gang and support at Sticky Mike’s Frogbar, 18/12/2015

It’s short notice, I’m sorry about that, but if you’re only just deciding what to do on your Friday night, the variety of a usual Late Night Lingerie might be the right thing for you. Don’t worry – as the name suggests, you’ve got more than enough time to decide, but if you need some help making a pros and cons list, read on!


First on is Fuoco, a two-piece that’s slowly becoming synonymous with Brighton. You might not know them very well, so if you feel like you might need some help remembering the name, here’s a little mnemonic device I use: ‘Fuoco’, pronounced ‘fwoah-ko’ (emphasis on the ‘woah’) sounds like the Spanish word ‘loco’ and these guys never hold back, like there’s nobody watching, and that’s crazy.



Cannery Terror, second on the bill, is a female-fronted band that’s openly gunning for your cheese, they’re very hungry. I doubt you’ve seen them around before, as they mainly roam the streets of Paris and LA. Give the song a listen, though, I doubt they’ll let us down!



I did see PLUNGE before, they’re a clever band. The combination of their live performance with the music is like a mixture of classical 70’s rock with the singer front and centre and heavy riffs in the back. The undeniable 90’s inspiration seems to be more in the vein of Sun Dials style psych, than the more common grunge varieties, but don’t worry. There’s a good measure of that too.



Red Deer People are a little different. Their post-punk is quite mellow and heartfelt, it’s the krautrock that makes them relentless. They live in Kemptown which some think is very exotic, but come on, it’s never more than half an hour away and there’s good coffee. I can almost guarantee they won’t bite, but there’s a chance they’ll make you sad.



The Golden Dregs work with Art Is Hard Records and I like Art Is Hard Records, they have several acts that remind me of Mac DeMarco, and also a New Zealand band called Shunkan, which released a song where they sing about friends doing coke and they somehow managed to make it not sound dumb. The Golden Dregs are more like Mac DeMarco though, and a little bluesy. Garage-pop they call it and I must agree.



Gang played our first gig, and I was so ignorant back then, I didn’t know who they were. After marking people’s hands with diagrams of genitalia at the door, I went inside to watch this band and I’ve been hooked ever since. There’s something very pretty and melodic about their songs, but there’s also a twisted undercurrent of depravity. Just watch the video, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

See you tonight!


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