Brighton’s Top 10 to Watch in 2016

Another year, another list. 2015 shaped up miraculously with some of our favourites hitting new heights throughout the year. With such a good 2015 now secured and delivered, who can say otherwise than expect the same fascination and consistency throughout 2016 as well? Here’s our guide to this years must see acts and carnage.


2016 looks to be a bright year for the fledgling psycha-daisical group, FUR. With some decent material on soundcloud that often screams out Devandra Banhart meets The Last Shadow Puppets, the boys are really bringing something new to the table, but not in an aggressively abstract way. They have just released an impressive b-side: ‘One and Twenty’, that passively begs attention, to go alongside other surreally Ian-Beally tracks like ‘Creature’. With so many releases in such a short while, it’ll be a matter of time before we are treated to some live shows in Brighton. They’ve got some vibrant artwork to boot.


After talking to the drummer from the delightfully dainty, yet entrancing, group, BLUSH, it seems that they haven’t been in business for long. A point at which I’m frankly amazed. BLUSH will deliver soft, pained and delicate pseudo-shoegaze to your doorstep and will make you cry for more. A friendly four piece that produce live sets that have some real depth, but feel ultimately homely and cosy, BLUSH seem fit to take 2016 by the gizzards and really develop a fan-base, if not some water-shed friendly radio play. If, like BLUSH, you’re getting support spots for Craft Spells only after being a band for a short time, you’re doing something right.


A band that has shown their staying power throughout 2015, FUOCO have played shows up and down, left and right, front and back. They’re versatile, interesting and never mundane. With a work rate that is hard to match, the ‘totally wicked cool’ two-piece has introduced fans to a new live set over the past few months, showcasing songs that are fresh, musically creative and heavy, oh so heavy. But, with the new live set comes a sense that the boys are really picking up speed; writing songs that stick in your head for days and ultimately developing a musical sound and live persona that belongs to them. There’s rumours of the boys mixing a record very soon, with the help of some well-known Brightonian grunge wizards. My eyes stay firmly locked on FUOCO for 2016.


An alluring grip of all your senses. We caught this band down at The Hope and Ruin in August and since then, they have remained heavily upon our minds. Woozy, playful psychedelia in the vein of Foxygen, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Jefferson Airplane, expect a wash of sounds to encapsulate you, along with jesting dancing from the five piece onstage. Packed with torrents of cascading hair and a West Coast jive that is unique to them in Brighton. They emerged last year and we really have our fingers tightly crossed that this year will take them to new heights.


Silver’s Got Strings released the frantic, unrestrained single ‘The Forest’ late last year. It captured everything that Irish, folk-rock promises you, the swaying foot swinging tempo, the catchy sing-along choruses that demand to be yelled and hollered at the top of your voice and the promising jaunt that cascades through the verse and beyond. Taking from something falling between Biffy Clyro and The Pogues, this barrel of fun is a pre-cursor to every good time in 2016.


Energetic rock’n’roll in the path of British Sea Power and Super Furry Animals. Red Deer People are a band that flit in and out of the current music scene, each time returning with a stronger and more secure single, we really hope that 2016 sees them push on through and rise to the top of the intimidating, dense music scene that Brighton holds. Fortunately for you, they have plenty coming up, firstly supporting Prince Vaseline at Green Door Store on the 24th of this month.


Probably one of the most bloody exciting, fraught things we have witnessed in a very long time. They opened for our second showcase down at Brighton Electric and could have well done with headlining the event. Their eclectic take on glam-rock, merged with hooks and riffs galore gives them a signature sound that few bands have touched upon in recent times. Arriving onstage back in October was a group hell bent on giving their everything to the show, the dedication to the cause was topped off with fantastic make-up. Hell, we loved them so much. Get into them, fast.


Our Girl pulled the curtains down on 2015 with their single launch show for ‘Sleeper/Level’ which took place down at the Green Door Store. It existed as a cataclysmic coming together between ushering female vocals, thwarted above tense guitars which occasionally shimmered between the vocal melody. It is a contemporary take upon British, shoegaze music of the 90s, perhaps falling into bands such as Lush, Silversun Pickups and Slowdive along the way. Elegantly executed with caution not to ruin the tenderness between riffs and tribal rhythms. 2016 can only see them rise from strength to strength, taking the year by the throat and making the utmost of the opportunity they have earned.


Menacing guitars linger in a Spaghetti-Western fashion, bouncing playfully along a merry beat. Expect Tarantino to get in touch with Blue Spectre for his next OST. This band linger violently below the surface but their time is coming, music like this is made to dance to, play along to and have fun with. Songs such as ‘Exploding Eyes’ and ’20,000 Leagues’ demonstrate exceptionally tasteful musicianship, leaving room for every instrument to shine through in it’s glory.


A progressive, jazz trio that tie together everything from exquisite time signatures and captivating, flurrying synth textures. Musicianship is absolutely of the essence and the execution is perfect. Each member clearly brings their own style and influence to the group, however each lets one another experiment and tamper with the norm in a tasteful manner. Fantastic listening and we really can’t wait to catch them later this year.

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