Battery Operated Orchestra – The Sea

I personally respect and appreciate a band that can produce their entire ensembles sound with synthesisers only, and if said sound is melodically driven and captivating, then the respect and appreciation grows ten fold. With this genre and sound, there are very few groups who can make the screech of a saw-tooth palatable to the human ear, let alone when the drums, bass and lead melodies are all synthesised. Examples of groups who have done such a thing include Depeche Mode and, more recently, Anamanaguchi. I think I’d be right in saying that Battery Operated Orchestra has taken influence from these groups, but, the group is far from a cover band.
Battery Operated Orchestra (also known by the acronym; BOO) have created a unique sound in their latest song ‘The Sea’. The track features ominous, looping melodies that grow more complex and tonal as the song gathers pace, making for a culmination of synth waves that leave the listener pretty bare and vulnerable. This vulnerability is only sweetened by the lead vocalist’s desperate yet monotonous vocal lines, that deliver dystopian lyrics that fit the dark melodies perfectly.
‘The Sea’ is not a project that has been thrown together with any kind of lackadaisical whimsy, it’s clear that BOO have worked hard on this and, for me, the hard work pays off. BOO have created a more aggressive synth sound that could be said to challenge the variety of other synth groups out today. Although I’m a fan, I couldn’t see Future Islands making a track this brooding and shadowy. This may be a quality that keeps BOO fresh and dextrous.
The only thing that I would like to see in BOO’s next track is a bit of breathing room. A spacious middle 8 could really complete an already good track. But with an equally disorientating music video, ‘The Sea’ is very impressive and, ultimately, enjoyable. I’d love to see this group live.
Words by Harvey Dent

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