YOWL – The Imminent Return

Peckham lads YOWL have graced us with their new(ish) track, ‘The Imminent Return’.   The track transports one back to the early nineties as it taps into distinct sounds and ideas typically associated with grunge – the sweetly sinister guitar riff flaunting itself in between the ever teasing stabs of the bass and drums, the overdriven bass drifting in out of the track’s consciousness, not to mention some of those weird, almost satire-like progressions during the middle eight. However it’s the vocals that not only reinforces these stylistic ideas but also play with our cultural notions of such genres. YOWL’s vocalist displays nonchalance, he happily mumbles his way through one line, only to produce a falsetto run of what sounds like a very British, Damon-Albarnesque-Blur-heyday reincarnation on the next. But wait, this was meant to be grunge! Well, it’s not say YOWL. Perhaps it’s a Peckham renaissance? Either way, it’s pretty obvious that the contrasting ideas highlight the claustrophobic nature of the music and production, and when we take this into consideration alongside the lyrical content, the track’s true sentiment becomes clear. During the song’s chorus, the singer cries out ‘I push my head out of the body that I wanted to break’, conveying a sense of entrapment and suffocation that could only be rightly felt alongside such sombre tones. Perhaps not the best narrative to take into the New Year, especially as we lament the passing of many great musical figures recently, however YOWL are just displaying the enclosing fear that we all feel to a varying degree with the dawn of a New Year, and still, I feel these guys are more than just a one trick pony.

Words by Robbie Cully

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