What to Expect from Maybelleen’s ‘In My World’ EP

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, brothers Peter and Charles Camiré form MAYBELLEEN. Their upcoming EP ‘In My World’ is soon to be released, so I had a listen to what tracks I could find and this is what came out the other end:

MAYBELLEEN are fascinating. I feel as if they have a thousand influences and I can hear everyone of them when I listen to their track ‘When I’m Right’ (the only song from their EP that can be heard before the release date), these influences are only offset by the duos ability to combine them to form a pretty original sound, without being an amalgamation of genre-confused bells and whistles. Unsurprisingly, the band’s image further confirms this notion.

Stylistically, the cover for the ‘In My World’ EP reads Andy Warhol meets Egon Schiele but evokes an eerie effect of déjà vu in form of The Strokes meet KISS meet MGMT. But, writing about who the band looks like or sounds like seems retroactive in this case, the sound they create is not without similarity but fundamentally original.

There are synth intervals throughout ‘When I’m Right’ that seem out of place on a pop-rock record, yet remain catchy due to rhythm and tone. The ‘drum machine’ sound is reminiscent of very early Ween records and Ween are an extremely hard band to emulate (they too were highly influenced yet astoundingly original in sound). In fact, pop-rock seems too broad of a genre to submit them too, I’d say MAYBELLEEN are about to rock the mid-noughties revival, a time when hyper-fashion was allowed, Michael Jackson wasn’t a ghost and Razorlight were a thing.

Ultimately, MAYBELLEEN are pushing the ‘pop envelope’ in the same direction as people like Lawrence Arabia and Ariel Pink. If you give them a listen, you won’t particularly remember the words and you might not remember the melody but you’ll remember that they sound like no other pop-rock prospectives, and that is key to a healthy future. In my opinion, anyway.

Catch MAYBELLEEN supporting The New Candy’s at Stick Mike’s on the 4th of May.

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