Junkyard Choir – Oh Have Mercy

High profile two piece bands have emerged fully over the last sort of ten years or so. In their wake, a slew of two piece bands have emerged in the indie realm.

Two piece Royal Blood spring to mind when listening to Junkyard Choir – not just because they hail from the same town or have the same setup, but because they rely on big, brash classic rock type riffs, with a simple yet sort of satisfying smack-in-the-face, tanking, ballsy delivery. If that’s what floats your boat then look no further! ‘Oh Have Mercy’ – the track in focus here features some nice production for it’s genre, classic, larger than life rock guitar sounds are allowed to fill the space. With a two piece band; sans-bass you’ve got to let the sound come BIG and fill the room. The recording itself benefits from an overdubbed organ part that makes the whole track more intense, yet betrays the two piece configuration of the band. Nice n’ simples, really well produced recorded music here.

Listen below:


Words by Andy Halliday

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