Why Should I Be Excited About… Brighton Noise: Day III, 6/2/2016

The third instalment of Brighton Noise’s all day takeovers. If the last two were anything to go by, this third coming shouldn’t be anything but seismic in terms of sound and fun.

Playing the event are some of our favourites here at Give It Back, including post-bunkers: C L O Ww N S – a hunker bunker of angst, slashing guitars and pummelled drums. They took on our second event, headlining the night and they put us and the crowd into such a frantic stew – for fans of Wire, Television, Franz Ferdinand et al. Similarly, Inwards take to the event, a luscious wash of atmospherics and seductive rhythms – something that is set to be highly intriguing and testing.

The electronic theme spreads further, including the likes of Drill Folly. Industrial and morphing sounds arrive in an embracing rush, listen to ‘Third Movement’ below for a taster of what to expect.

Without stopping there, BNIII takes into account the psychedelia infused rock corner – featuring here are Brain Queen and Kosmos 954. Both bringing with them their own distorted taste on all things guitar based haze, we are sure excited for these.

Elsewhere on the event, we have a solo show from the intriguing The Soft Walls – blending all things psych, ambience and textural. Interested? You bloody should be. Furthermore their is the optimistic pop from The Fiction Aisle and the politico-punk-pop from Mooncups. The folk-duo Lutine finish the bill with their mesmerising melodies and endearing, touching music.

Tickets are still on sale and available here for the very reasonable £5.50.

Spot. On.

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