Why Should I Be Excited About… Night Beats & Support at Hope and Ruin, 26/1/2016

There’s a gig happening at the Hope and Ruin tomorrow, and if you don’t know about Night Beats yet, this is an amazing chance to familiarize yourself with the sound that so many young Brighton bands want to have.

This may be completely wrong, but when I first stumbled upon Night Beats, it seemed like they were one of the main orchestrators of the recent (but perhaps slowly fading) renaissance of 60’s garage rock. Yeah, there were others, but to me Night Beats were always the most ‘faithful’ reimagining of what Roky Erickson in his prime might sound like today. Their new album ‘Who Sold My Generation’ (a name in the same vein of tongue-in-cheek and winks as The BJM’s Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request) is coming out in a couple of days via Heavenly Recordings, so come on down and listen to the sounds before you buy them! If you want to see the reach of this garage reinvention for yourselves, just come see the support bands, Brighton’s own Strange Cages and Dead Coast from London (I hear their debut album is coming out in February).


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