Gang and FUOCO – Live – Green Door Store, 14/1/2016

For the first article I wrote for Give It Back, I was asked to give a short and personal disambiguation of the music scene down here in sunny Brighton. As well as other rambled utterances, the names of GANG and FUOCO were held in high regard, I believe that they have provided some of the finest live shows in Brighton’s ‘grass roots’ venues. So to hear that the two were sharing a line up at the Green Door Store the day after my birthday… I was pretty chuffed.

FUOCO were the first to lunge onto the stage. With a knowing presence, the duo were able to provide a powerful sound, despite the comedic size of the frontman’s guitar. The room was sent into a deep sense of angry confusion, fuelled by the power of fuzz pedals and Tony’s irreverent and animal-like drum patterns, taking restbite between songs to swig from cans and then smash his way into the next doom-grunge number. FUOCO were enjoyable as ever, a highlight being their song ‘My Girl’, which not three weeks ago got its debut on Brighton’s own Radio Reverb.

It was after this that GANG were passed the mic. Opening with their vibrato heavy, psyched up new singles ‘Animalia’ and ‘Breath Before Death’, during which Eric notably tripped on a lead and fell into the wings, all the while still playing the necessary minor second intervals that the band uses to create an organic and unforgiving atmosphere. The crowd stood in awe of the boys as they classically unrobed before diving into their number; ‘Eye Garden’, which would close their live set for their appearance on BBC Radio 6 with smiley Marc Riley. Their penultimate tune was recognised by the more discerning listener in the crowd, the two pluck’s of Eric’s g-string that pertains to my own personal favourite of GANG’s repertoire, ‘Silverback’. Played with ferocity and child-like whimsy, GANG had their fans singing, fighting and crying, sometimes all three at once.

These two bands make for an irresistible line up, hard to miss on any occasion. Now, nearly a fortnight later, FUOCO are taking over the Quadrant and GANG are commandeering the stage at the Green Door Store again, and I’m left here thinking: Isn’t Brighton just the luckiest little town ever?

Words by Harvey Dent

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