Sulky Boy – Birches

Sulky Boy return with their latest single that is set to be released by Echochamp in the enigmatic ‘not so distant future’. ‘Birches’ is a song wrapped in crooning vocals and star-spangled melodies, the playful fun of 90s American alt-pop is merged with sun-kissed, lustful lyricism and wit. A drunken guitar line morphs the song initially, something that Unknown Mortal Orchestra would be proud of – this is then brought to a brisk stop leaving the warbled vocal line to hark through, balanced precariously on top of a rhythm section. Guitars make the most of treble and utilise it in such a way that it adds to the carefree nature of the song, you can’t help but feel the call of a Brightonian summer beckoning you, regardless of the fact we are still trudging through the misery of January.

The song begs for the person in question to: “Talk to me, and be whoever you wanna be” – it is this nagging innocence that plays throughout the song in every note and word ushered. It acts a refreshing step aside from the wash of cynicism that can so often plague and lament songs. Three cheers to Birches.

Words by Tom Churchill

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