Why Should I Be Excited About… STUFF, Patterns – 20/2/2016

Fusion best describes the STUFF experience. Bigged up by some of electronic music’s major players – Brighton frequenters Giles Peterson and Plaid. A sense of pedigree sure surrounds the Belgians’ highly versatile and accomplished instrumental vibe machine. Drums, electronic widdly flutes, synths, keys, a turntablist and bass take us stylistically through a familiar sound palette. Personally, I’m getting a lot of the accompaniment to old funk / jazz records Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Roy Ayers, The Roots et al – as if they had been sampled and remixed as is common in our culture, and then re-interpreted live. I guess, in a way, STUFF are spitting out what they have chewed up along their musical paths. It all goes round in circles, and so here we have it; re-imagined and updated, re-sequenced grooves of old performed by a hot quintet of players. In fact, there is a band I discovered whilst checking out STUFF online who performed in NYC in December, 1979. They were instrumental and played hyper jazz funk, they were called Stuff too. So get down to Patterns for a little boogie at the safe hands of STUFF on 20th February.

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