Why Should I Be Excited About… Small Pond #21 -Green Door Store, 19/2/2016

Small Pond are back to take 2016 for all it’s worth and here is their first instalment of line-ups. On the 19th of this month, they land some fantastic acts at Green Door Store, these in the form of We Never Learned to Live, InTechnicolour and Wild Cat Strike. We caught InTechnicolour and Wild Cat Strike back at their Christmas party covering the likes of Deftones and Modest Mouse so we are damn interested in seeing what the deal is with them both in their own flesh and blood. It might get loud we reckon so bring your party boots.

We Never Learned to Live 

Described as ‘post-rock inspired cathartic misery’, this Brighton five-piece have just released their purgative debut album Silently, I Threw Them Skyward. The album acts as an eight track long, energetic release – guitars rattle and drums provide some tangible grounding as tracks such as ‘Shadows In Hibernation’ thrust you about as if a toddler in some rocking high-chair. Playing with notions of directness, confrontation and paralysis – their debut is ambitious and a haunting journey, something that we can’t wait to be personified on this fateful Friday in February.


Here we have Brighton’s loudest and freshest product. Comprising of musicians who make up large segments of the music scene down here (Porshyne, Physics House Band, Delta Sleep etc) – the group draw on depth, dynamics and diversity to give their sound intrigue and appeal. Songs such as ‘Lend Me A Crushed Ear’ could fit well onto Queens of the Stone Age’s Like Clockwork effort. Guitars and bass pummel on top of one of each other as frontman Tobie Anderson punctures sonic smoulders of noise. It’s raw and loose – not like an onion in the Sainsbury’s veg department but more like a raging bull chasing some poor sod caught with a red blanket. Get into these below and catch them here for certain.

Wild Cat Strike

Wild Cat Strike are first up and act as the perfect heating for the stage this night. They are set to put the bar through the roof before anyone else has touched it – making use of raw, honest-t’ God vocal melodies, dynamics and tense and release cosmetics. The set is comprised of a nonchalant feel that adds some uncanny charm live, it plays beautifully with their sets adding to the uptight sensation you can get. Really worth getting down early for these cats.

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