Vallès -‘Sorrow’//// Skygaze Remix

Ibiza’s smoothest honeyed beat maker Vallès has just dropped his succulent new single ‘Sorrow’ for us and whilst I can’t speak on behalf of the entire UK population, I will utter a general truth when I state that the track simply serves to further enhance all of our desires to experience a crisp Mediterranean sunset… as soon as possible.  Complete with succinct grooves built around sexy, sweet and downright funkin’ funky guitar licks, the track is an audio pallet of mellow vibes and fresh sounds.  Featuring very distinct stylistic conventions that we have come to typically associate with genres such as chill-out, lounge and down-tempo, Vallès has crafted luscious textures, lazy beats and languished singing that cements its status as a musical love-child of this decade rather than that of a previous decade when this style of music was beginning to emerge in the wake of many an Ibizan hangover.  Yet as much as it soothes my ears, it is Vallès’ mainland Spanish counter-part Skygaze that has really wetted my listening appetite.  Re-arranged and re-worked in a way that surely does more to develop the musical groundwork that Vallès has laid down before him, Skygaze’s remix is as cunning as it is clever, bringing forth to the table a fresh new set of ideas that slide in effortlessly alongside the original musical blueprints.  Whilst the original beat is contemporary, sparse and unassuming, Skygaze issues a beat that is old-skool, dense and swaggering, lifting a break-beat straight out of his head that would make Dilla proud.  The falling cascade of the claps, the snappy snare and the stuttering kicks signify an appreciation of the former glory days of hip-hop production where such musical motifs were often glittered with flowing guitar lines just like the one we hear here.  Combine this with stark hits of overridden, bit-filled synths that hark back to the classic Detroit House production of another bygone era, and this clear departure from the original means we are dutifully kicked out of our hammock at sunset, and irresistibly forced to dance into the night.  However whether its the Ibizan night sky or the New York night sky we collect under will remain to be a trivial matter so long as these two acts keep producing such quality music.

Vallès – ‘Sorrow’ is out on the 5/2/16.  Check out the awesome video by French audio-visiual dabblers L’Ordre Collectif right here:


Skygaze’s remix can be found here:


Words by Robbie Cully

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