Loa Loa – Landslide

Brighton is constantly churning out these rawkus grunge revival beasts nowadays. It’s very pleasing to those of us who sort of bathed in the misery of Nirvana the first time round and don’t have to hide away anymore…

What we have here is a nice excursion of the quiet / loud variety, ‘woe is me’ with a cheeky devil-may-care grin and edgy attitude. Power chords but a bit cleverer. I’m getting shades of Weezer; the guitar tones of early Lit and teenage n’ spirited angst and sweaty mosh pit fodder. I’m guessing there must surely be a gap for this kind of stuff still in the market. It’s a market place cunning from a place in the hearts of South coast youths. Beer swilling, sweaty, sexy futurists referencing the annals of guitar rock history. We’re all historians now you know. I’ve been wondering for a while about the longevity of guitar music, but alas – the new bands keep coming and the lucky studios who get the job of capturing them keep the doors open another week longer. Good for them.

Words by Andy Halliday


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