I’ve seen Fuoco live a couple of times, definitely not every gig but three or four times over the past year or so sounds right, and it seems to me that the guys are on the right track to finding their own voice that can shout above a bored and satiated live music scene. How can you tell if a live scene is over-saturated? Well, if you go to a bar and suddenly a band starts playing or a songwriter starts strumming and absolutely everybody becomes visibly annoyed, from customers to bar staff, then you know the locals have had enough of this shit to last them a lifetime. Lately I’ve seen Fuoco develop from being ‘just another’ (albeit exceptionally creative) two-piece live act into a full-on enthralling experience, a sort of existential stand-up – terrifying at times, because their fans are mad and Fuoco know how to rile them up, but also genuinely humorous with a lot of accidental genius.

That’s why it’s so great to see them release a video that reflects not only their musicality, which manages to be both loose in the way it comes in and out of a rhythmic chokehold and unyielding with its distorted chukka-chukkahs and surges of fuzzy bends, but also their sense of humour and band camaraderie. Here, Fuoco are looking at some pretty dark, aggressive, violent, bloodied imagery (in a way similar to their friends from Gang), and they’re laughing their fucking asses off. If you think fun is good too, watch the video. Go on, I think you’re ready now.


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