Brighton Noise Presents: Day III

On the 6th of February I was delighted to be invited to ‘Brighton Noise Presents…’ at The Green Door Store. For those who are not familiar with the event, it serves as a variety show for all manner of bands and/or artists that inhabit this beautiful city. Crammed with more music than Tony Blackburn’s make-believe radio show that he runs from his cellar, ‘Brighton Noise’ presented us with buckets of talent and spades of fun. Unfortunately, due to me working for the man on weekends, I wasn’t able to catch the 2pm start of the show, but not long after; I was there. I’m going to draw out some of the highlights.

The first band that I saw take to the stage were Red Deer People. Effects-heavy and conceptually strong, Red Deer People treated the crowd to a truly awesome set list of classic shoe-gaze that showed the audience that they could really make their retro guitars howl. Fronted by what appeared to be a reincarnation of the still-living Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, the band had the crowd pretty awestruck for their entire set, engulfed in a cacophony of art rock.

It was good to see that the organisers of the event had everything under control and had prepared for every eventuality, especially since a group on the previously published line up wasn’t able to make it and, quick as a flash, The Emperors of Ice Cream stepped in. Stuttered, fast and riddled with tension, the group pounded the back room with a major-scale variation of post-punk that tackled extremely English issues. Making the most of guitar sliders, repetitive vocals and treble-laden string tones, The Emperors of Ice Cream had fun, and, more importantly, so did the crowd.

Next to take up the mantle were Clowwns, a collective of blokes that, at first glance, wouldn’t appear out of place at a grammar school staff party. However, my prejudices were thrown back at me in disgust when Clowwns filled the room with onlookers as they blasted out some of the most exciting and cutting-edge noise rock I’ve heard in the past six months. With all members clearly being masters of their craft, they confidently paraded their, at-times disturbing, back catalogue through the room. With stunning four-part harmonies, intelligent lyrics, syncopated breakdowns and genre-crushing image, Clowwns absolutely rocked my world. When was the last time you heard a noise rock band close off a set list with a disco beat? Captivating.

I was very excited to see Inwards perform live again. The synth guru crafted heart wrenching soundscapes to an absolutely silent and attentive crowd. There was not a dry eye in the house as Inwards stood like Jean Luc Picard behind the control board of the Enterprise, shooting out rays of ambient goodness into The Green Door Store’s happily recipient demographic of patrons. Keeping the organic characteristics that makes Inwards so unique, he really outdid himself this time. I overheard a crowd member exclaim to his contemporary; ‘This is like swimming in Yakult!’. Yeah.

With the four bands I’ve mentioned here being just a few examples of the high quality music of the ‘Brighton Noise Presents…’ day, I really won’t be missing the next one. With friendly event managers at the helm, ‘Brighton Noise Presents…’ is an event that’s here to stay.