Why Should I Be Excited About…The Black Tambourines & Support – The Hope and Ruin, 19/2/2015

The colossally cool crossover of promoters Acid Box and Love Thy Neighbour makes sparks fly and gets you high as they team together to give you music you didn’t even know you needed to hear. If you’re hip, you’ll already know what they’ve been doing. If you don’t know, and want to be hip, you better read this…


The Black Tambourines are gracing Brighton with their mod-rock garage punk presence in the middle of their UK and European tour.  The band is riding their lo-fi, rock’n’roll up beside the sounds of Paul Revere & The Raiders and FIDLAR. These guys are in their prime right now and you don’t want to miss them.


Slick angular rock riffs and Brit infused Sonic Youth style delivery is what Warm Brains specialise in. Nearing the odd-pop spectrum but staying rock, these guys will give you a sound that will be hard to find again anywhere else. That’s why you should come see them.


Ever wondered what surf-punk blues and garage psychobilly played by a bunch of Dutch guys sound like? Well wonder no more as The Anomalys are on the bill and I bet you can’t keep up with them once they start playing. This would be a band that The Cramps would listen to.


Next, we have Brighton’s Porridge Radio & The Cosmic Sadness on the bill to make you feel some feelings you’ve never felt befeel. Through simplistic punk feel and pure spat poetry, they have made a name for themselves as a band to see live in Brighton. So, see you there!


words by Milo Dunn-Clarke


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