VCOADSR – Who’s Watching Too

VCOADSR is a budding Brighton-based electronic producer who like many of his fellow contemporaries doesn’t shy away in his quest to create the type of hard-hitting-techno splendour that we have come to associate with the prominant musical hubs of our world such as the Berghain. Crucially though, unlike most other producers, at a VCOADSR show you won’t dare see the word Pioneer infesting your balearic fish eye vision. Nor should you assume that ‘a shining half-eaten apple’ will feature as the central focal point. No, no, no… you see, what Vcoadsr does so uniquely is reject DAWs, opting instead to summon his atmospheric snapshots of music using only a grand modular synth and some guitar pedals. You heard right, and as a mission statement for his creative output, Vcoadsr is exhibiting these ideologies shamelessly for all those plug-in lovin’, software-luggin’, play-to-a-click, one-trick ponies to reconsider their faith in Logic, cower away and let him turn up the volume, and by god he knows what he’s doing.

On his new and sixth release ‘Who’s Watching Too’, he has moulded his arsenal into something sonically exciting. As an EP it contains many moments of perfect fusion as if conjured up in some oven of baked techno goods; cyclical movements of modulating synthesisers pulsate tenaciously alongside the groove of the kick, with the title track perfectly encapsulating this enigmatic yet somehow logical creation. Then we have ‘Fever Accum’ which resonates obscurely through the airwaves marking a sense of tension unlike anything I’ve heard in quite some time. It meanders through sonic yawns and crows that leave just enough empty space for the lose splashes of high hats to penetrate the mix ever so eloquently and the hard graft that has went into these compositions is plainly obvious.

The ideas present throughout the EP are in a continual state of progression, development and regression as textures and percussive hits collide and subside with enough precision to guarantee that the listener will undoubtedly be satisfied upon every listen. Take the undulated bass line present on ‘Fuk dUBr iT’ as an example not only of this narrative variance but of the dedication; its high ends and extreme lows are manipulated to create a very coarse sound that is hollow in the middle and which almost tingles your ears as we hear the slap back of the two extreme ends of the frequencies turning in on the empty space in the middle. No mean feat, and which would have of course come as a result of VCOADSR spending many an hour getting lost in the placement and experimentation of knobs and wires. Stand-out track however is ‘Dub In The High Castle’ as it harks back to the glorious sounds featured on Apex Twin’s seminal “Ambient Works: 85-92”, complete with oscillating filters and damp kicks that are a sure-fire way of kickstarting your head into swinging action.

As an auditory experience the EP is very much a pleasurable one that you can be assured of but if the recent video showcasing ‘playtime’ with the prized modular synth is anything to go by (see below), the allure of seeing these remarkable sounds live should prove to be an overwhelming new desire. Thankfully Brighton Noise Presents… have come to the rescue and have a cracking night scheduled for the 3rd of March taking place in the Prince Albert where VCOADSR will play alongside Inwards and Merlin Tonto which proves to be a mouth-watering proposition, especially when we consider the proximity of the venue which will no doubt ensure an energetic and thorough experience of the sounds being created before our very eyes.

Here’s the lead track from his latest collection, ‘Who’s Watching Too’:

A taster of what you can expect from him live:

Check out VCOADSR’s official webpage for more details and links to his social media platforms.

Here’s our preview of what to expect at Brighton Noise Presents:

Words by Robbie Cully

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