Why Should I Be Excited About… So Pitted – Green Door Store, 9/3/2016

Okay, okay, I admit it – I still listen to Nirvana every weekend. Not on my own either. Yeah I know, there’s a million Nirvana copy cat bands now. So what? Do we go further into the Nirvoid? Take a look inside ourselves? Yeah, sure. Let’s have another three-piece grungy weirdo noise band from Seattle. Yes please. This one strikes somewhere in the region of Brighton’s own Wytches I would say. But with more weird, less emo, and less rockabilly. Which are all good things I reckon.

You can hear the entire album up ahead of their Brighton appearance on March the 9th, go Google it – it came out last week and it’s bloody fantastic. I’m actually pretty excited. This stuff is dirty, noisy, and unapologetically grunge-ridden. Also it’s on Sub Pop – it has a bit of a ‘Bleach’ tinge to it. It’s lo-fi recording and DIY ethic helps proceedings greatly. The band is the epitome of the colourful, 90s styled slacker and seem bloody fun.

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