FREE.D feat. Roubs – Liberate Your Mind

There are no doubts concerning the cognitive supremacy of mankind; we have surpassed all others who co-exist with us on this planet with our technologic advances, innovative thinking and most of all with our sensory and emotive intelligence. However if we listen to our cultural icons it would appear that we don’t have that much to be cheerful about. Listening to Leonardo DiCaprio or Russell Brand recently is like tuning into a documentary that underlines our impending day of reckoning, with the numerous environmental problems we face (and create), the constant failure of our political systems and the seemingly impossible task of achieving world peace as more deathly destruction continues to plague our world.

Luckily, the first step towards changing these trends all begins with the self: a realisation that Moscow’s FREE.D is fully aware of. Teaming up with London based hip-hop artist ROUBS on current track ‘Liberate Your Mind’, the song makes a huge statement of intent that complies with this notion of the self, asking us to ‘wake up’, ‘break the pattern’ and commence in our revolt against a world dictated by greed and power. FREE.D himself has further elaborated on his objective, saying ‘I believe that if the music has power to influence people’s mind then it’s a sin not to use it’, and with the release featuring two fresh remixes tomorrow, he is making sure that his message is spread across as wide a demographic as possible by allowing these meticulously bent arrangements and re-workings to enter the sonic awareness of other stylistic followers.

First up is seasoned producer Rhadow who delivers a hypnotic, sub-filled bruiser of a track. Unlike the original, Rhadow has let the vocal slip to the back of the mix allowing the message of ‘wake up’ to mediate between a sea of deep, propelling grooves and cascading percussive samples that allow time to elapse in a sluggish, swaying motion very much fitting of such a deep-house beauty. Dark and moody, the track cleverly captures the feeling of the original, yet Rhadow’s own creative stamp is evident. Keeping it simple is his philosophy it seems, allowing his lock on the rhythm and the methodical placing of the vocals to shine through therefore allowing the listener to be entranced and consumed by the music, an affect I am sure he would be happy with.

The second artist to delve into the arrangement is Pazkal, with the Swiss beat-maker serving up a healthy slice of progressive deep-house that not unlike Rhadow’s re-working, provides a steam train of rolling bass sounds and stimulating percussive hits that creep in and out of the track to highlight his obvious affection for techno. The snyth stabs are noticeably enticing, whilst plenty of climatic drum fills coupled with robust white noise ensures that the track continues to grow stronger in its groove as it develops. Perhaps most interestingly though is his take on the melodic nature of the track; by changing the pitch of the vocal he thereby changes the key and opens up a new harmonious flow unbeknown to the track before. This also alters ROUBS vocal tone which now sounds more commanding than ever with its deep resonance.

We all look to our cultural symbols in times of uncertainty, and whilst this is a liability that you could argue we unfairly place on our icons, it is fair to say that they have a responsibility to uphold in terms of making statements and giving the masses guidance. One thing that can’t be changed is music’s ability to transcend barriers created by language, race, religion and so forth, and hence if this message, or guidance we seek, can be conveyed through such compelling house music artists then the future looks bright.

Words by Robbie Cully

Here’s our exclusive stream:

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