Getting to Know You… Yiayia’s Studio

Yiayia’s Recording Studio is a new initiative coined by a gang of budding music lovers who are dead keen to help new musicians through the struggling times of establishing themselves on record. They pride themselves on their awareness of how hard it is to get these initial recordings down and so in turn, provide exceptionally cheap rates for those wanting to get stuck in.

The place opens up in Hastings on the 20th of March and we sure as hell can’t wait for it to get going. So, in anticipation of this, we pulled together some questions and got in touch:

What inspired the opening of your new studio?

It has been a natural progression for us, from musicians, to bedroom producers, to engineers, the quest for a better and better sound has led us to this point.  Not long ago we were starting our own bands. We’ve been there, we get it. We have experienced the recording process from both sides of the mixing desk and this ignited us with a drive to improve and modernise the studio experience.

How do you feel your studio fits into the Hastings music scene?

There is a climate of potential in Hastings and momentum is building which we are proud to be part of. With the Source Skate Park (world’s largest subterranean skate park, apparently), the newly refurbished pier and obviously Yiayia’s Studio in the mix, 2016 looks set to be a good year for Hastings! Hastings has a great DIY attitude, which we have embraced, renovating the studio ourselves. We also want to be a part of putting Hastings on the map as a producer of great music. We have heard local bands saying they claim to be from Brighton or London to aid their success. Well now they can be born, raised and MADE here in Hastings.


What do you hope to offer the local music scene?

A great place to record! Obviously. Nah, also loads of other things besides that. We are also a great place just to hang out. We’ve always had home studios and we didn’t want to lose that comfortable atmosphere. Look out for our micro brewery coming very very soon.

Another aim is to tailor the studio to suit the ever diversifying needs of modern musicians. We understand a day of recording is not as affordable for some as it is for others. This is the thinking behind our smaller studio packages to help bands get the quality they need without the sky high studio prices. We know drums are notoriously difficult to get down as a bedroom producer so we are offering a ‘Drum Day’ where you can come in for two hours and for 60 quid you have a drum track recorded in a professional studio. Similarly for young bands perhaps not ready to commit to a full recording we are offering a demo day.  You can book out two to four hours and get down a high quality demo to start sending out to festivals, promoters, labels… No more ‘apology recordings’, #recordedonmyphoneignorethefeedback recordings.

Can you offer a background story on your coming together as a group?

We all met in Brighton whilst we were studying. We found a common passion for music and have all been really great friends ever since. When we found the space for Yiayia’s it was a beautiful case of right place, right time. Our London studio had just been closed due to the increasing problem of ever escalating rents and living costs. Oh and our landlord sending round bouncers in the middle of the night. It’s been 7 years, 5 bedroom studios, one London warehouse and now a cracker of a studio we can finally call home. A year and a half of splinters and fibreglass rash later, we have, against all odds, turned our drunken pub conversations into a reality. Welcome to Yiayia’s Studio.

Get in touch at:

Words: Tom Churchill

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