PREMIERE: Wax Machine – Gustav Ghostcat

Wax Machine are becoming the city’s most exciting psychedelic prospect. With a sound that spans The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Foxygen and The Jefferson Airplane; ‘Gustav Ghostcat’ takes you on a gentle, hazy stroll through sitars, washing synthesisers and foggy vocals. It’s a song of two halves, the first that is a gentle cruise with Jim Morrison-esque vocals lamenting the surface, like the whip upon some lethargic beast. The second half erupts into a jazz infused jive, saxophone swells over the top, a fun-loving guitar shakes away underneath dancing precariously upon a drum pattern the shakes you about in a relentless manner.

‘Gustav Ghostcat’ celebrates the fact that Wax Machine are becoming a band like no other in the city, they don’t fall into the archetypal psychedelia bracket which does little more than thrust obnoxious guitars about but instead, it takes wisely on a Summer of Love, West Coast feel.

The band play the Lewes Psychedelic Festival this Saturday, March 19th before heading to The Prince Albert on the 28th to play at The Moonlight Collective’s next show.

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