Sulky Boy -Aunt Julia

Now then, now then… who’s been fantasising about their Aunts? I’m not sure if this is quite how the band intended it, but it seems like maybe they’ve been tied up at home a little bit too long! Boys – it’s not good to put your auntie up there on the sexy ledge, OK?

Aside form the initial concern about the family values of the band, this sound is a good one. It’s simple, straight up guitar, guitar, bass, drums, it doesn’t try to outstay it’s welcome, and it doesn’t try to do too much. It doesn’t even push the limits of the amps, and it doesn’t use weird custom fuzz. It simply is. It’s also pretty cheeky, which is always good.

Sulky Boy heralds a multi visit to the label stable too – seemingly the label / collective echochamp from Brighton. There’s a bunch of succulent guitar / indie based bits on there, nicey straddling the lo-fi chain gang. Heartfelt lyrics are the norm around here, all with it’s own specially ‘tape saturated’ sound. Check it.


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