Thee Greater Good – Thee Future

Thee Greater Good are a new band from Brighton, something emerging off the back of Kit Beale-Wharton’s previous band, Thundernauts – with the same cool vibes. I don’t know what happened to the other band, but it’s more of a blip than anything else, because this is a continuation on the same theme – if not maybe slightly more accessible somehow. It’s party vibes, simple tunes for simple folk without interest in anything other than dancing and getting down really.

Think tiny basement parties, with bands squashed in the corner, hyper 60s rock n roll ballads, fractions of dancehall and rockabilly, beat music from up north, well dressed but haplessly clueless drunked teenagers and the emotions that go with it – all helped along by Thee Greater good. It’s all about getting out there and taking the strain, receiving the punches and keeping up, rather than crying into your pillow or your mum’s shoulder. Nicely done, long may it continue until you get cars and kids and stuff.


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