Why Should I Be Excited About… Red Deer People, Sealings and Sweet Williams at The Prince Albert – 1/4/2016

Frankly, you would indeed be a fool to miss the plethora of pleasant players and The Prince Albert on the first of April. Brighton Noise are returning once again with a line-up that promises mysterious noise-rock combined with contemporary angst and a wicked amount of nine-volt power supplies.

First up to the plate are Red Deer People. Having seen them before, I can confidently say that they are a joy to watch and, more importantly, listen to. With lyrics that can only be familiar to a hybrid storybook of Jackanory and David Lynch, Red Deer People are new, melodically fresh and rhythmically powerful.

The next band on the bill is Sweet Williams. Endless Records providing this fair venue with a group that will make you weak at knees with bass-driven fuzz. Truly drowned and technically sound, Sweet Williams provide a gazey-grunge alternative like no other.

Sealings will be headlining the dealings and hurting your feelings with their lo-fi grunge-rock. With guitar sounds reminiscent of Thurston Moore’s and Lee Ranaldo’s glory days, Sealings will sock your rocks off and then some. Listen out for some Hook-esque bass and ferocious drumming.

With such a solid line-up Brighton Noise have got their work cut out for them, with gigs like these its no longer a question of counting stamps on hands, but rather, enjoying some good bands.





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