Why Should I Be Excited About… Dignan Porch, MUNEZ and HAKE – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, 4/4/2016

Them cool cats over at Acid Box are bringing you a swirling, whirling barrel of fun this Monday to kick them blues away. It’s taking place down on the seafront at Sticky Mike’s and they’re bringing that start to better weather that everyone has been waiting for with their sun kissed pick of Dignan Porch. It’s the start of April, the birds are out and Spring is well, springing or whatever so come party and let your worries collapse around you or something. Check this out, it’s all for £6 in advance; right nice little price for all you chirpy mice.

Dignan Porch, I don’t know if you remember but we did a little write-up of their latest effort, Créme  about this time last year. It’s contagiously uplifting, we could not shake the fact that it put big smirking grins on our faces – not in a weird way or nothing, just in a genuine ‘damn, this makes me feel good way’. It’s all so bloody optimistic and happy, it makes you want to tank away some cheap beer and rattle those hips, smoke countless cigarettes and remember that Winter is over now. It’s jangly, playful and weirdly nostalgic. Either way, you don’t want to blink and miss this London bunch, they’re now four albums deep and showing no signs of stopping.

MUNEZ are family favourites over here at Give It Back so we can’t praise their raucous stoner garage-rock sensibility enough. It’s fun, silly and how a bit of punk rock’n’roll should tearaway. There are plenty of chokehold chugs held back within the guitar work, Mr Timmy Burns on the drums is likely to cause chaos so watch his hair shake around whilst admiring his marvellous drumming style. Full of groove, full of rhythm, full of giggles; we are dead on to catch these and so should you.

HAKE are new to us but after getting our lugs around them over the Soundcloud world, they sure have a refreshing take on psychedelia wrapped within their sound. Imagine pumping King Gizzard full of sedatives and you’re not far off how they sound. Plenty of phased guitar work with lovely tickles of synth outline their music. If the weather is about on Monday, this is a fitting start to the evening. These are lovely.

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