Live – Brighton Noise: This Party – MDK – Rooster Cole – Marwood Coffee Shop, 25/3/2016

Brighton Noise have set the sails away from just bigging up local bands and listings, for new lands of live promotion presenting live bands who deserve bigging up! The folks behind Brighton Noise made a motion toward helping out bands when they started giving Nordic Giants a hand a while back… the most recent forays into live music promotion have seen them balloon into the state they’re in now, where they are putting on a show for almost every emerging Brighton band there is! It’s a cool move in my opinion, ‘cos they’ve got a good idea of EVERYONE who is in a band in Brighton, and most everyone likes them doing what they do. At the end of the day, it’s night. (I would have gone on to say more about Brighton Noise but I can never let that joke slide sorry).

Tonight’s line up was a kinda rock n roll, slightly cabaret, rockabilly-esque, theatrical tinged beast. Sadly, our opener This Party were cancelled last minute… so they were replaced with a semi-questionable covers band. Actually they were OK – but not like, REALLY exciting… they had an upright bass, which was cool, and set precedent for the evening to come, cos you know, upright basses are sort of rock n roll, like Stray Cat style. I think for most, this was an affable replacement, most of the crowd not being that much bothered about the opener anyway really…

Second band on Mum, Dad and The Kids, are a band I’ve been trying to see live for a good while. They inhabit that area of Brighton bands that bring Clowwns to mind, a bit dark, pretty guitar-centric, lively, but personable, not really weird, or grungey… but you get my drift… the sound tonight slightly let them down in the room where lots of it got lost behind the arches which is one consideration of the Marwood Cafe for louder acts.

Rooster Cole came on and played to a backing track, I think his songs were pretty nice, but I would have preferred witnessing a show that featured a full band… the audience around me were sort of saying similar things, but it didn’t much stop the folks having a blast… I tapped along too, for £3 you can’t really snide at Brighton Noise for anything tonight, Rooster Cole still managed to entertain to the max if you’re not too fussy about your live music delivery. I’m certainly meandering down a less uptight path when it comes to these things anyhow after tonight.

Words by Andy Halliday


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