Dignan Porch & Support Live, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, 4/4/2016

If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one around to see it, does it make a sound?

No, as sound is only a mental image made by your brain in response to vibrating molecules in the air.

If Dignan Porch with support from MUNEZ and HAKE play at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar on a night put on by Acid Box, do they make a sound?

Hell yes.

HAKE are a Brighton band fresh from the womb of development that are now pocketing the ears of whoever is witness to seeing them live. Looking steady onstage after warm greetings to the crowd, the four break into their set under apt, psychedelic lighting and backdrop. With measured, minimalist approach to part writing and smart, extensive layering, the three guitars meet to create sounds reminiscent of a Pink Floyd cross with Temples. At times, songs within the set took on the form of acid rock due to the extended solos, and with pedal setups the size of boogie boards; sonically, the surprises kept coming and the textures kept building.

After ever-brightening kaleidoscope tunnels were exited and modulations of rhythms were explored, a crash would resolve you and draw the splay of sound back into the root groove, all done close to masterfully by great drumming and intelligent bass playing. Although under the weather, vocals held strong and didn’t seem to be shaken in confidence as they delivered in dynamic, psychedelic clarity in a Nick Allbrook fashion. Their last song, serving as their Cream and Hendrix fed ‘Freebird’, showcased their natural ability individually and also proved them to be a band running to uphold real guitar rock that comes closest from the source.

Keep up with HAKE on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/shoresbandpage/


Brighton’s favourite boy grungers are next to grace the stage. With their soft faces and soft rock, MUNEZ are here to treat the crowd to their lackadaisical, weed scuzz. The solid backbone of the band comprises of deft bass work that constantly moves melodically along with crack drumming, both shrewd in tone as they accent the mood within each song expertly. Guitar and vocals emit juxtaposing emotion and therefore, a genuine grunge feel, something that is sought after in vain too often by too many. As there is no pretence or even much want for attention with any member of MUNEZ, they attract those who respect modesty, modesty than then infects the music.

Tracks from ‘Smoking not Sleeping’ to the new; ‘I Though’, both possess a warped drag feel like that of Truly, a band that was established at the beginning of the grunge era and failed to get much recognition. MUNEZ are best at pioneering that authentic sound today, even though it seems like they don’t care, (very grunge).

Get all your MUNEZ needs on their Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/munezband/


Our headliners are Dignan Porch, a London-based band that Captured Tracks has added to it’s sterling roster of bands. In the middle of a UK tour, they visit Brighton to give us what they got. Lethargic rock n’roll drumming paired with chord-fixed bass, the forefront of the sound was set up to be explored with keys, guitar and vocal. Simplistic writing and close-to-static delivery produces heavy melancholy within much of the sound, lyrics slouched whimsically but in bright fashion, like a stoned Pavement… Gravel?

Well-mannered and mild in delivery, the set moves neatly with a folkish amble at times, maybe due to the fact that the band came about by lead singer and guitarist Joseph Walsh creating the bands foundational sound in a bedroom and as result, there’s an easy and straight forward sound that relaxes the listener.

Dignan Porch could be compared to Froth, Yuck, Beach Fossils, Tomorrows Tulips and other contemporary 90’s style bands. It’s an increasingly popular but difficult scene to be recognised as an individual sound.

See Dignan Porch’s new video for their song ‘Flesh Vessell’ here:


words by Milo Dunn-Clarke


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