DITZ – Rupert Grint

‘Rupert Grint’, from the new Brighton-based noise rockers DITZ, comes as fresh as a simile  that has a degree from Goldsmiths. Dark, rhythmic but not lacking in melodic prowess, DITZ’s new tune showers you in atmospheric mire, like when one of your favourite cartoons that has that one scary episode (here’s to ‘Hey Arnold’).

The first thing that tells you this track isn’t your average seaside donkey is the vocal timbre. Sounding liking a hybrid of Ween’s ‘Spinal Meningitis’ and The Stooges’ ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’, the distorted and, at times, pitch-shifted vocals constantly reassure you that the lead singer is “feeling fine”, despite the instrumentation’s best efforts to convince you otherwise. This being said, the vocals are a colourful adventure into a disturbing mindset, all making for an enticing listen.

The instrumentation works well, the guitars mainly focusing on rhythmic playing accompanied by insatiably wild drum dynamics, it appears to be that DITZ have manufactured each sound on the track to support the ideology behind the lyrics. I’m a sucker for a strong concept supported by instrumentation, so I’m sold.

Overall, DITZ have made a convincing debut, bringing about a mix of genres to generate a post-hardcore number that you can really sink your teeth into. I’m just left wondering what the Harry Potter co-star has to do with proceedings. Maybe it’s a meme. Maybe I’m not cool.

Words by Harvey Dent


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