Pürple – Born To Dance

‘Born To Dance’ is the first official release from Brighton’s own slack-rockers, Pürple. For the past three years, they have been playing together, crafting together and gigging within Brighton while climbing the long ladder alongside their talented contemporaries. Now, they finally have their work permanently in soundwaves for everyone’s ears to hear at any time.

Smokey questions and lackadaisical licks slope and sway on an easy, Americanized sound, sweetly conjuring up a 90s soft rock vibe within the first few lines of the opening track. ‘Can You Feel?’; a rhetorical question that Pürple answer for you in an R.E.M-like fashion. The harmonizing vocal chops within the band are widely showcased and used aptly, giving the sound a very non-passive texture, which slacker softness can very easily have.

Pürple do not shy away from letting their audience know who their influences are as ‘Born To Dance’ is packed with Pavement and Weezer nods as instrumentation style, neat drumming and parallel bass feature in most tracks, especially ‘Everybody’s Smoking’. Being proud to show your influence is important, as you can show where you’re coming from and how you’ll continue from where they left off.

Don’t worry everything will be alright”, “Please leave me to be so happy”, “I don’t mind / take your time”. Youthful optimism is a rare sound to find, and therefore, a sought after one, and Pürple have found it. The lyricism is friendly and often open-ended, letting the listener relax and be able to soak in the sound overall and just enjoy the ride.

The final track “I Don’t Mind”, flows steady with simplicity and a measured dynamic between each member’s role. Less sunny in vibe and near-surrenderous in sound, this track gingerly ambles around within itself, ponderous. The wash of psychedelic effects along with a more folk approach, but with rock drive, gives the listener an interesting hybrid of flavours to work through. My Morning Jacket-isms could be spotted within this track and that’s exciting, and we hope there is much more excitement to come from Pürple.

Listen here:



words by Milo Dunn-Clarke


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