MarthaGunn – Heaven

MarthaGunn have made their long anticipated debut with their first recorded release, ‘Heaven’; a track that spans 70s rock, psychedelia and jazz. It’s euphoric, anthemic choruses loom larger than life whilst the song over all is dynamical and exceptionally pleasing, the sparsity of the pounding verses contrast the glittering choruses that ripple around you with huge sounds. Guitars hum and chime from the start, they develop and build up the peaks of the song with huge chugs. If The Jefferson Airplane had put out Surrealistic Pillow in 1979, this is how it would sound. Grace Slick’s charisma is there, half-chanting runs right through the centrepiece of the front woman’s vocals; as the song build towards the end, the pieces come together. All that has been suggested to us earlier in the song falls into place leaving us with the final slice of heaven. Huw Stephens liked it and you sure as hell should too.

MarthaGunn play The Green Door Store on Thursday April 28th for Club Psychedelia.

Words by Tom Churchill


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