Lunar Quiet – Endless Migraine

Straight out of the back pocket of My Bloody Valentine, reversed guitars come careering into the post-punk angst of the likes of Eagulls, METZ and Cloud Nothings. It’s wrapped in ferocity with it’s warped vocals and belabouring drum rhythm – Lunar Quiet may be one the most exciting, fresh talents that we have graced on these pebble shores for some time.

It’s unapologetic in everything it stands for, it gravitates between the destructive and incessant, picking at the bits in between, chewing them up and spitting them back out. It’s all lunging, all reversed, all reverberated – caustic fretwork and stampeding rhythms provide the support for the physical annihilation it causes you as a listener. It’s the type of song that really possesses a whole host of angst and interesting how they have done it. The vocal effect of that reverberated echo is present, don’t mistake it for dream-pop however as Lunar Quiet find a new way to utilise it, putting agitation into a sound that was previously so synonymous with the passé. The relentless energy that this song poses has the effect of being hit you with ferocity of a stubbed toe – it doesn’t hurt, it just makes you want to shout about it.

Words by Tom Churchill

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