Dirty White Fever – Faultlines in Faultlines/Not Another Love Song

Dirty White Fever kick back into Brighton with their thunderous, gut shattering blues tinged, raucous rock’n’roll. With pants tight enough to make Jesse Hughes wince, Dominic Knight and his pal, Leon Holder form Brighton’s most captive duo, edging around breakbeat, heavy soul and a whole fat slice of fuzz-infused blues. So kick back and bite into this pie, don’t be surprised to lose your teeth along the way though, this is how they cut theirs.

‘Faultlines in Faultlines’ is the first of the double single set, it edges cautiously around dilapidated beats and guitar that sounds as guilty and sleazy as curb-crawlers out the back of Manhattan’s Red Light District at the witching hour. Knight’s vocals cut around the outside, as alluring and seductive guitar lines carefully tread over the top of his partner in crime’s melodic rhythm. The song opens up as vocals get caught in the rumble, tumble of fuzz-infused blues. As the song opens up, it’s velocity rises as this rises, instruments find their experimental patterns. Holder is given more free reign on the tubs as the strings ooze around it picking up murky feedback along the way. What a statement to open the double A-side with.

So where does ‘Not Another Love Song’ take us? What do they have left to show with their latest release? Well, they tap the pulse of the most interesting human emotion and tie the innocent closer to the darker underbelly it possesses. Once again, that dancing, tepid blues guitar is whipped into life. It edges in curiosity around Knight’s vocals, it doesn’t give much away but in a very Dead Weather-esque way, the sparsity within the music outlines the strengths of the band. Holder’s breakbeats build tension better than ever as Knight rises to every challenge. It thuds in as the whole thing catches alight and fuzz is sought to exaggerate Knight’s lusts and angst.

Get stuck into this duo, they will see you at The Green Door Store tomorrow night (7/5/2016) alongside Hanz Rollo and The Modes. It’s free as fuck too.

Words by Tom Churchill

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