Getting to Know You… Hake

Hake are one of a number of new bands captilalizing on the ever impressive Brighton music scene, with only two basement demos on their Soundcloud, both of which almost effortlesly ooze ability and expertise, I was understandbly excited to hear the Canterbury boys live for the first time. Preparing in a more relaxed manner, declining pre gig boozing in order to perform to their highest standard, I caught up with the lads after sound check to get to know all that is Hake.

The members: 

‘I’m Luke and I play lead Guitar.’ – Luke

‘I’m Harvey and I do the words.’ – Harvey

‘I’m Zach and I play Drums.’ – Zach

‘I’m Ollie and I’m on Bass.’ – Ollie

‘I’m Ben on third Guitar!’ – Ben

The name;

Harvey: Hake, Hake came from a long line of trying to decide different names, we wanted to be called Spirit Desire after the start of Teenage Riot by Sonic Youth but that was already taken so we had to came up of something, in the end I just chopped all our names together and that was Hake!


Harvey: November 2014, We got to Brighton and we decided we had to sort shit out, we were like ‘lets write a load of new songs and get a new band name’ – ‘cos were were called Shores which is just a terrible band name, before that we were called Relics but we got a cease and desist from a Pink Floyd band!’. – Harvey

The sound;

Luke: It’s like a big wall of sound with a lot of dynamic change..

Harvey: That’s the thing, in terms of influences, we love shoegaze, we love psychedelia, and the heavier elements coming from our Brighton contemparies like Fuoco and Gang’.

Ollie: Acid Rock Gaze!

Harvey: ‘Acid Rock Gaze Djent folk metal!’

Songwriting Process;

Luke: I kinda write a Guitar part and then be like ‘come over here you dirty scabbers’ and then we jam it out.

Zach: Me and him will basically sit in the basement for a few hours and jam it then Harvey will come down and he’ll write some words for it, then we show it to Ben and Ollie, we’ll jam together and it’ll all come together perfectly.

Living together as a band;

Harvey: Thats probably my favourite part!

Zach: It’s great, it’s amazing.

Luke: If we ever have an idea we can just jam it out.

Zach: And Fifa!’

Ben: You don’t have to pay any money to rehearse.

The daddy of the band;

Zach: It’s like a turf war between those two (points to Luke and Harvey).

Zach: And those two are the most chilled bastards going!’, (points to Ben and Ollie).

Harvey: Luke calls the shots when it comes to the music.

Luke: Once i get start writing something I get in the zone and have an idea of how it sounds in my head.

Zach: Harvey’s definitely the ones thats like ‘let’s get crackin.

Harvey: Luke is definetely like musical leader, but when it comes to gigs everyone chips in and contacts who they can.

What to expect;

Everyone: Noise!

Harvey: We love playing live.


Zach: In the old days, we played probably 15/16  gigs, something like that.

Harvey: There was a period where we would do 2 or 3 a week at home in Canterbury but got down to Brighton, decided to change the name and wrote 10/12 songs.

Plans for the future;

Harvey: We’re gonna have another two songs coming out as we’ve been at brighton electric recently, so there is new stuff in the pipeline!

Harvey: We did do, but because of great escape theyre calling that one off because the Prince  Albert wanted a bit of a break after the great escape, we were due to play and the gig will still eventually happen, thats with Ditz and Bitch Theme.

Harvey: About Bitch Theme: They’re wicked, I think that might be at The Globe, that’s what Anton (Mocock) was saying, he’s been a diamond in terms of organizing it all, in summertime we will be making a music video!

Brighton Music Scene;

Zach: Fucking balls to the walls awesome.

Luke: Best going.

Harvey: When you’ve got Beach Tape, Fuoco, Puppy and Gang in one night at Sticky Mike’s, we saw a guy called Inwards at Green Door, he does all this polyphonic synth shit, he turns up with a whole table full of oscilators and shit.

Zach: ‘Me and Harvey went to see a band called Tin Foil Astronaut who had an amazing sound, they’re Kent boys, we’ve seen Gang and Kagoule, Kagoule were amazing.

Harvey: The best thing about it is that we get to be a part of it now!

There is something a lot of bands seem to be missing nowadays and that is a sense of lasting brotherhood, however Hake are different. It is obvious to infer that the boys all love playing, writing and living music, and doing it together from their house to the stage is the perfect scenario. With lots of innovative new music in the pipelines, Hake are bound to set Brighton alight and at this rate, it’ll only be a matter of time before they’ll be headlining their own shows and moving onto bigger and better things!

Words by Will Tavener

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