VIDEO PREMIERE: Maybelleen – When I’m Right

Montreal’s pop rock, new-wave, brother duo; Maybelleen, have been gathering momentum and deservedly so, as we said before, they are one of the few pop contemporaries that “are pushing the ‘pop envelope’”. From their latest EP that was released back in January, they have bestowed a new and official video to the opening track ‘When I’m Right’ and we got it first.

The track is an angular but yet dreamy pop structure, weaved with feel-good R.E.M-ness under a new-wave wash. Modest interjections of 80s keys sound off an Echo & the Bunnymen, ‘Lips Like Sugar’ vibe that stylistically rounds off the rock basis of the track into something else. Constantly modulating rhythmical and melodic ideas keep the song moving and leave you wishing the song was just a little longer in length as it fades out.

In the video, you may see an old man staring solemnly into the camera as the video begins, but that is not any old man – Armand Vaillancourt is a French Canadian painter, sculptor and performance artist. His art usually has a political sting and he has been active worldwide since the early 70s. He is a staple element within the video along with bright lights; flickering in urgency, stop/start slo-mo camera work and lots of the two brothers, singing to you with a clean shaven charm that would make anybody swoon.

To see the band live, go to The Hope and Ruin this Saturday (May 14th)!


words by Milo Dunn-Clarke

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